Embracing Your Inner Strength With the Full Moon in Virgo

I love learning about women’s connection to nature. Whether it be the sun, the moon, the tides or astrology, there is evidence of our deep inter-connectivity everywhere. I plan to go into this further in a later post, but today, I want to talk about tonight’s Full Moon.

The March 12th Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo.Virgo is an Earth sign, and so pertains to tangible or physical things. It is also known as a Mutable sign, which infers a need for variety and change. According to Living Sprit Community, “with Virgo, we again swing from a masculine archetype to the feminine archetype. This time, instead of a symbol of the divine mother, it is a symbol of the virginal divine feminine. Except that this divine feminine is not without experience in the matter, but the emergence of the divine feminine through purification and renewed innocence.”

The connection and personification of the feminine with the moon (among other terrestrial realms) are one of the most long-lasting religious images. For example, if you go into any Catholic church and look closely at Mary, the mother of Jesus, she is usually depicted standing on a crescent Moon. Therefore, between the feminine archetype of Virgo and the association with the female as a personification of the moon, this Virgo Full Moon is a time for women to embrace our feminine strength.

I thought I would include some inspiration and motivation during this time for self-healing and finding your inner strength.


What Does This Mean

Virgo is typically the sign associated with thinking. Often times, over thinking and self-critical. However, when channeled in the right way, Virgo thinking can be extremely enlightening.

Think of Virgo energy as warrior energy, representing strength, and inner power. I love the word warrior. I find strength in just saying it, in the syllables of the word. To me, being a warrior means claiming my inaccuracies and always moving forward. Always pursuing ways to better myself as a human being.

In this time of warrior mode, stop feeling sorry for yourself and resisting what will truly make you happy. Step up and claim your power and self-worth.

You are not a warrior going off to war. Instead, you are taking the time to find your inner strength so you can heal, repair, nourish and reflect in whatever way you need to.


On the night of the Full Moon, certain planets will shift into what astrologers call an irritated rectangle. As the name suggests, this Full Moon could bring irritations to the surface. However, it is not meant to directly irritate you. Instead, use this as motivation to get rid of people, habits, negative thoughts or anything else that is not serving you.

Virgo energy is about self-healing. If there is an area of your life that needs to be healed whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, remember that you are strong and know that healing will come when the time is right. Trust your instincts.

You may not have everything figured out over the coming weeks, but by simply remembering your own strength and your own power, you will go far.

Remember, femininity means strength. Look to the elements to remind you how powerful you are.

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