Mother Nature: The Interconnectivity of Women’s Bodies and the Universe

I have always loved that we call the earth “mother.” Mother Nature. To me, it brings a great source of comfort. Like I can feel the love in each tree or flower I touch.

Women and women’s bodies have a deep interconnectivity to the earth. There is a direct connection, a commonality to the earth and her surroundings, which is uniquely related to women. Women experience monthly cycles which join us energetically to the phases of the moon, the cycles of the season and the flow of sunrise and sunset. We also have the amazing ability to give life through our bodies.


Nature at its core is women, full of power and beauty.

This article was inspired not only by this week of constant blogging but also a conversation I had with my boyfriend recently. We were discussing the definitions of masculinity and feminity; how they are difficult terms to define, but you know what they are when you see them. We were talking about how some people see the term feminity as meaning “weak”. I strongly disagree with this and so did he. He said, “I see the ocean as feminine. It’s beautiful and strong but it can also destroy everything in its path. Femininity is not weak.”


Naturally, this conversation made me love him even more, which I didn’t know was possible. But it also made me realize that nature is such a force in itself but yet possess so much nurture and love. It is only fitting that we call it “mother nature.”

The mother energy is that which loves us no matter what we do, which is the highest, most divine love of all. Mothers are so beautiful to me because they sacrifice so much of themselves and their bodies in order to create life. It truly is magical.

I found this lovely description of what Mother Nature truly means on I feel it sums up what I want to say beautifully and hopefully, you will reflect on its meaning:

“We all need to know that we are children of the universe and that we are being loved no matter what. This is the most necessary of all forms of love and it is only the mother energy that innately shows this. All of our problems in the world stem from this energy not being received.

We need to practice receiving and the first is from our mother earth. Whether you believe it or not the truth is there is a ‘Mother Nature’ energy that is constantly loving us and caring for us. We only need to sit for a moment in nature and offer our gratitude to the earth to feel her feminine unconditional love. But more than this we need to feel the mother energy in the universe, the air, the moon, the stars all around us and inside us we are being loved. If we are lucky enough to have parents that have cared for us, then it will be evident there too.”

I hope this creates a feeling of empowerment and also a new respect for nature. I love the idea that I am connected to something as amazing as the entire universe. It shows that women have never been weak. We have been perceived this way at times when others did not understand how nature works.

But today, I am reminding you to embrace your femininity, embrace the true essence of nature: Mother Nature.


Art by: Merakilabbe




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