Hello! I’m Kailey. Kailey Brennan

I started this blog to share my knowledge of veganism as living a plant-based lifestyle has completely changed my life. I have learned to value and respect my body, to love myself and embrace my natural beauty. I have learned to question why I do what I do.

Veganism is more than food. It has opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind. From compassionate for living things, to respect of mother nature to seeking holistic approaches to medicine, healing, and even beauty.

On this site, you will find blog posts about mindfulness and how I question the world around me, what I am eating, tips for those interested into switching to a vegan lifestyle, health and anything else I find helpful or inspiring.

My goal is to show that being vegan is simple, fun, delicious and most importantly, a huge step towards healing the damaged and suffering ecosystem that we have taken advantage of. I want to inspire, encourage and promote as much positivity and beauty that I can.

Follow me on this journey. Let’s do our best to make the world a better place.